…if what around you is real, Your life is clear, And your path of decisions Shall never be off course... –Jonathan Gabriel Raskas, 2.22.2016 “Infinito 22 is a bold and courageous journey, author Jonathan Raskas has bravely shared with us, the reader. It is the journey of a father, living in his finite life as he crashes into his ‘infinite realm.’ Few of us will ever experience the profound depth of the loss of a child. Nor would we ever imagine the infinite breathe it may create. Infinito 22, where the “finite box” of one’s life’s story resides in ones ‘infinite’ legacy, is as beautiful as the man who wrote it, the children he raised and the son he lost.” —Dr. Phil Dembo, author of The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read

Hardcover Color Book With Oregon Landsape Images

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