A book about being responsible and living with infinite  purpose.

Now available in hardback and paperback and eBook.



Dedicated to my children, JASMINE, RALPH AND NATALIE. They have shown me the LIGHT in the SHADOW.


Impressionism focuses on the manner in which light illuminates an image.  Impressionistic art is expressively concerned with physical movement as an integral part of the human experience and perception. There is movement in the stories of your life.  In life, wisdom illuminates the human experience and our choices. The light of wisdom yields understanding in its shadows. Purpose begins inside the intention of the soul as we begin in breath. How does one navigate human life outside of the human experience? This evolves into your purpose. 

The stories in my book are true, detailed, humorous, and heartbreaking about raising three children from kindergarten to college as a divorced father. I believe with strong conviction about leaving them an infinite legacy. My stories are connected with spiritual adhesive. This book will leave you with seeds of purpose to create your legacy. Choose to live your infinite legacy. It cannot be left in a last will and testament. This book will assist you in that endeavor. 



Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jonathan earned his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York City and his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Over the years, he has held positions of corporate financial analyst, director of strategic planning, chief financial officer, President and currently works in the financial industry. 

Educated in the liberal arts and sciences, Jonathan enjoys a wide range of interests including writing, photography, poetry, gardening, culinary, music, scuba diving and aviation.  He is a licensed scuba diver and airline transport pilot. He volunteers as a pilot for the medical air transport operated by Wings of Hope (wingsofhope.ngo) flying children in need of medical care. 

Contact: Jonathan Gabriel Raskas